A traveler’s question

I have a concern about the security system for the global immigration system. My problem with the system arises from a personal experience, as I have been a victim of the issue. So much so that the whole experience has left me with a very haunting memory. I have nightmares. I do. Having been a comprehensive traveler so far, I have some questions, which fester away in my questioning mind.
I am all for the security systems in place for the protection of the country or state around the world. I can even understand the very, and I mean very, strict regulations when to comes to issuing visas to citizens of developing countries. Sure, you must put significant border protection strategies in place for the security of your country’s citizens. But what I do not understand, and I may be completely ignorant for my lack of comprehension, is the sky rocketing fees for lodging an application when traveling to the beautiful, developed nations. Now the developed countries, which are helping us, the less developed countries, so much for our own advancement, have so much to offer in terms of learning. I believe that knowledge is a big part of attaining wisdom throughout life; at least every wise personality in the world has been quoted saying so. And travel is a great way to know more, learn more, grow more and everything more! Especially, for citizens of countries where development is a major issue. The more Bangladeshis can travel, the better equipped we become in holding experiential knowledge and contributing towards the development of our nation. But for some reasons, apart from imposing a high level of restriction on overseas travel, we are also faced with a very expensive application process, with a list of fees in addition to the submission of the application. With the way things are going, we may be subjected to fees being charged for breathing in a visa application centre – who knows right? It is easy for a few to shrug off this concern, because money may not be an obstacle for them. But I am thinking of the majority of the population, for whom it is a BIG barrier. I know students struggling to not only gather funds for tuition fees, living expenses, airline tickets but having to allocate additional funds for language tests, which have increased massively too; agent costs, because visa instructions are not easily understood by everyone as it is mainly in English; and of course the application expenses itself. I find it very ironic because I can understand the need for security and strict guidance to be adhered to when it comes to traveling, as recent events has not made it easier for us either, but why charge us so much? May I just reiterate the fact that we are developing countries and are already dealing with a number of issues in place? Lack of financial resources playing a vital role within the issues we face, which is why aid is being provided to us? I have personally faced a very hard time with several other factors when it came to my visa applications. Lack of cooperation from visa officers, hours of waiting in the visa centre, waiting with uncertainly for visa outcomes, no customer service structure for inquiries (you can email and wait, though), unknown fees while you are at the visa centre and you MUST pay cash. However, I have been fortunate to have traveled greatly, studied as well as lived overseas. But most people haven’t been so, and want to at least try when given an opportunity.
So, my concern is the irony of the system, which on one hand, protects people, and on the other, imposes great difficulties on them. Hey, I am not challenging or even remotely trying to change the system, as I am not rightfully armed to do so. But as I have mentioned before, I have a questioning mind. So I am asking, can the system perhaps show a tiny sliver of empathy towards us? I am not asking for a change, just may be lower expectations when it comes to the financial requirements from travelers in developing countries? Yes? No? Never? Not a chance in hell?


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